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Хранение вещей в Киеве

Storage of things in Kiev “turnkey”

“Attic” is your personal warehouse for storing things in Kiev. Have you started an apartment or office move? Not enough space in your home or office to store your belongings? Don’t know where to place seasonal clothes, tires, summer cottage or sports equipment, baby clothes? Then we will help you solve all the issues with the organization of temporary storage of things!

Our service provides organizations and individuals with the opportunity to unload space from things that are unnecessary for daily use and rent space for their storage.

We offer to rent a box of different sizes and leave things in it for storage for any period of time. We will help you with the choice of boxing, ensure the complete safety of your items, and our partners responsible for the safe transportation of your belongings will help you with the move. Our warehouses are located both on the Right Bank of Kiev (in the region of Obolon and Bolshaya Okrug) and on the Left Bank (in the area of ​​Poznyaki metro station). We guarantee a dry, safe and cool room with reliable security!

An individual approach to each client and a flexible system of discounts for long-term rentals!

Storage services of things

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Best of all
we store things

Storing things in a warehouse in Kiev is a great opportunity to unload your home or business space.

With us you can rent a box and store your belongings as long as you need. Convenient location of warehouses in Kiev for both residents of the Right and Left Banks of the city (Obolon district, Bolshaya Okrug, Poznyaki), reliable security, dry and cool premises are the components of high-quality storage service.

When renting for a long time – a flexible system of discounts is in effect!

We are always glad to help you with choosing a storage box that is optimal for you!

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Calculator storage cost

Cell rental
Tire storage
R 13-14
R 15-16
R 17-18
R 19-20

Bike storage cost

Rent of a sea container, 20 feets

7 days
1 year
1 month
1 month
1 year
1 month
number of wheels:
1 month
1 year
1 month
* to draw up a contract, you must have a passport and a padlock.
A padlock, if necessary, can be bought on site
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Our advantages

Individual approach to each client

24-hour security and video surveillance

Temperature regime

Fast registration

Convenient warehouse location

Seasonal Tire Storage

In a modern metropolis, a car is already a necessary means of transportation. And often we are faced with the fact that we – city dwellers have nowhere to store tires. The Cherdak storage service provides a tire storage service on favorable terms. Everything is simple and convenient for customers! You can find the prices for services in the price list.

When renting for a long time – a flexible system of discounts is in effect!

We are always glad to help you with choosing a storage box that is optimal for you!

What do we store?

Repair and relocation

Repair and relocation

Are you going to make renovations and there is no room for furniture or boxes of things? Or are you planning a move and need temporary storage for your belongings? The attic will be happy to help you with this! Store furniture and personal items - as long as you need!


Sports equipment

Sports equipment

Seasonal storage for bicycles or ski equipment, scooters, boats and outboard motors. Any of your sports equipment will be kept in a safe place!


Baby things and toys

Baby things and toys

Beds, strollers and much more, from which your child grew up, but it may still come in handy) we will gladly take it for storage for the period you need.


Country inventory

Country inventory

If you have nowhere to store lawn mowers and many other garden attributes, then come to us and we will place everything in the best possible way!


Personal belongings

Personal belongings

Any personal belongings (except for those that cannot be stored with us) you can store in your personal "Attic"

Что хранить нельзя
What to store not

Our partners

Muv-Tim company can offer the client a range of services regarding any transportation in Kiev and Ukraine. Working for more than six years, we have been able to establish ourselves as a reliable brand that cooperates with private clients and corporate companies. Regardless of the volume and shape of the transported cargo, our specialists select the appropriate transport, and the movers will do all the manual work.

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Storage of things. What is the service?

Our company is a convenient place to store any things. Here you will find the best conditions suitable for storing things in Kiev. Individual selection of storage space, taking into account your wishes, the type and size of things, as well as your capabilities.

A couple of facts about us:

  1. Appointment. Renting a storage room for the period of renovation, moving or changing the season. Each of our clients can choose the rental period, starting from 7 days and the desired area of ​​the box, so as not to overpay for extra time and unnecessary square meters.
  2. Convenient for everyone. Our services are suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses and individuals. We cooperate with trading platforms, event agencies, offices throughout Kiev and organize convenient logistics.
  3. Safely. We ensure the complete safety of things in our warehouses. We have video surveillance, security systems, alarms and fire safety.
  4. Packing and transportation. We offer assistance in organizing the transportation of your furniture and things with preliminary packing and convenient placement in our boxes.
  5. Availability. Storing things in Kiev from the Attic service is the most favorable price conditions, as well as discounts and bonuses for regular customers.

Choosing us, you can be completely calm knowing that your things are completely safe.

How we are working

To leave things for storage with us, you just need to follow a couple of steps:

  • Apply for renting a storage space on the website or by calling our contact phone;
  • Indicate the terms for storage of things and the volume of products;
  • Agree on a day and a convenient delivery time;
  • Order transportation, packaging, loading and unloading from our partners or perform these tasks yourself;
  • Get the keys to your storage box and enjoy using it!

It’s simple, you just need to dial our number!

  1. Pros of storing things with our service
  2. Free access to cells without passes and prior registration during warehouse working hours.
  3. Optimum temperature and humidity for storage.
  4. Special cells of different sizes are available for rent. Our specialist will help you choose a cell of the required size for the dimensions of your things. The cost of services depends on the size of the cell.
  5. The possibility of renting premises in Kiev for a period of 7 days.
  6. Booking a cell in advance, so as not to waste time on drawing up a contract, but to immediately arrive at the facility with all the things.
  7. High level of security: security, video surveillance, fire alarm.
  8. Favorable conditions for cooperation, discounts and promotions, as well as the most affordable prices for temporary storage of things in Kiev.

Service “Attic” is always ready to enter your position. If plans have changed, this will not be a problem, we do not charge you any cancellation fees.

Call us and describe what you plan to store, and our specialists will create optimal conditions and solve all organizational issues.

What can be stored

  1. Personal belongings, clothes, textiles, documents.
  2. Car tires.
  3. Children’s things that are no longer needed at the moment.
  4. Office, country, home furniture.
  5. Work equipment, summer cottage inventory, tools.
  6. Construction Materials.
  7. Household appliances, sports equipment.

What cannot be stored

  1. Items dangerous to life and health;
  2. Explosive, radioactive, toxic substances;
  3. Animals and live plants;
  4. Perishable food and foodstuffs;
  5. Jewelry and money;
  6. Prohibited substances and goods.

“Attic” is not just storage of things and your property, it is also a full range of services aimed at solving any of your tasks!

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